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Affiliate Program

Join the affiliate program!

A memory upgrade is the easiest, most cost-effective way to increase system performance. Everyone with a computer or server is a potential upgrade customer for you. Desktop computer upgrades are only part of the picture. We also offer upgrades for servers, notebooks, printers, and routers. In fact, we offer over 100,000 upgrades for more than 20,000 different systems, and you can generate revenue from every one. only sells memory upgrades, so our affiliate program is perfect for providing a complementary product offering and an additional revenue stream to:

  • Computer hardware and software sites
  • Leasing sites
  • Broker sites
  • Shopping sites
  • Computer-related content sites
  • Internet service providers
  • Graphics and developer sites
  • Computer organizations and user groups

Our experts will seamlessly integrate our memory module configurator and shopping cart into your existing web site. Once your customers start ordering, all you do is cash the checks and we do everything else!

Contact us at 877-233-7269 for more details.