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Hewlett-Packard 2 GB SO DIMM 204-pin - 1 x 2GB 506262-001


The modules in this category are built by in our own ISO 9000 certified facility. We guarantee these modules to be 100% compatible with the Factory Original and Name Brand memory that costs much, much more. All of our modules have a LIFETIME WARRANTY!


Lifetime Warranty
Guaranteed 100% compatible.
More Info

This upgrade is 100% guaranteed to work in the following Hewlett-Packard system:

HDX X18-1200EO Premium | HDX X18-1250EO Premium | HDX X18-1280ED Premium | HDX X18-1280EL Premium | HDX X18-1280EP Premium | HDX X18-1280ES Premium | HDX X18-1290EZ Premium | HDX X18-1299EB Premium | HDX X18-1320EA Premium | HDX X18-1350EO Premium | HDX X18-1380ED Premium | HDX X18-1380EP Premium | HDX X18-1380ES Premium | HDX X18-1390eb Premium | HDX X18-1390EL Premium | HDX X18-1390EO Premium | HDX X18-1390EZ Premium | Media Center HDX X18-1350EF |


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