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IBM 256MB Kit - 1 x 256MB FC 4110

Choose from these 2 brands of upgrades.


The modules in this category are built by in our own ISO 9000 certified facility. We guarantee these modules to be 100% compatible with the IBM Factory Original and Name Brand memory that costs much, much more. All of our modules have a LIFETIME WARRANTY!


Lifetime Warranty
IBM Compatible
Guaranteed 100% compatible.
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2 x 128MB (2 x 93H4702)


The modules in this category are built by IBM.These are exactly the same memory upgrades that came in your computer when you bought your system. The memory modules in this category can be put under the computer systems service contract.


Lifetime Warranty
IBM Original
Qualifies for Service Contracts
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This upgrade is 100% guaranteed to work in the following IBM system:

pSeries 620 7025-6F0 | pSeries 620 7025-6F1 | pSeries 640 7026-B80 | pSeries 660 7026-6H0 | pSeries 660 7026-6H1 | RS/6000 (7025-Fx0) F80 | RS/6000 (7026-B80) B80 | RS/6000 (7026-Hx0) H70 | RS/6000 (7026-Hx0) H80 | RS/6000 43P Series (7043) 260 | RS/6000 44P Series (7044) 270 |


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